2002 - THRIVE

Thrive is the ninth studio album by Newsboys, released in 2002. It features the singles “It Is You,” “Million Pieces (Kissin’ Your Cares Goodbye),” and “Lord (I Don’t Know).” Thrive debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 37,000 units. In 2005, the album was re-released as Thrive – Special Edition which bundled the album with the previously released concert DVD From The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Track Listing

  1. “Giving It Over”
  2. “Live In Stereo”
  3. “Million Pieces (Kissin’ Your Cares Goodbye)”
  4. “Thrive”
  5. “Rescue”
  6. “It Is You”
  7. “Cornelius”
  8. “The Fad of the Land”
  9. “John Woo”
  10. “Lord (I Don’t Know)”

Thrive Tour – 2002